Quality Control

Commitment and expertise in Quality Control

Guaranteed product quality and consistency do the very foundations of Al Sharhan’s success, with customers rightly trust our long established brands, It’s no surprise then that Quality Control is given the highest priority in all aspects of our operation.

A team of highly trained quality inspectors with advanced testing equipment continuously monitors the whole Al Sharhan production line. They work in close co-operation with the R&D department, production department and after sales department to ensure that product quality and consistency never wavers.

In addition, fully trained members of the manufacturing team are responsible for ensuring product quality on each production line at any one time.

Quality Standards

Al Sharhan operates in full compliance with the ISO 9001 quality standard.


The materials we utilize are only obtained from ISO9001 or IS09002,CE, GS, UL certified companies.

Testing Details

We guarantee 100% quality of all our products through constant inspections. The finished products are subject to ageing tests to assure the durability in different environments, for example when exposed to high or low temperatures and pressures as well as lack or excess of moisture.