‘KWIK’ is now a top choice for customers – and a firm favorite with retailers.

Our best-selling KWIK range now gives retailers a complete choice of high quality aerosols and disinfectant products to meet all their customers’ needs.

KWIK was launched in Kuwait since 1967 with limited number of products, mainly insecticides and air fresheners.

Today KWIK range includes: air fresheners; insecticides; starch sprays; shine sprays, cleaners and polishes sprays, maintenance spray , antistatic sprays , Antiseptic , disinfectant , multipurpose gel, sanitizers , wet wipe, soap bars and those products available in more than 30 countries in middle east and Africa.

In the KWIK range we offer a fantastic variety of products…while offering great value for retailers and consumers.

With their distinctive packaging and the eye-catching KWIK logo, these products are trusted and chosen by customers right across the Middle East and beyond.