LULU DI is ideal for surface, floors and bathrooms with super germ-killing property which eliminate germs on any non-living objects, LULU DI is fragrant with most popular pine fragrance which create comfort and confidence for our consumers and positioned at very competitive price.

  • Pine Disinfectant

    Pine Disinfectant

    A perennial favourite for cleaning homes and businesses, this high quality LULU disinfectant is available in 5 litres, 4 litres, 2.5 litres.

    With high-impact branding LULU disinfectant is available at very competitive rates for high volume sales.

    Code Barcode Description Size Packing
    81218 6271004812187 Pine DI 5 Ltr. 4
    81219 6271004812195 Pine DI 4 Ltr. 4
    81220 6271004812201 Pine DI 2.5 Ltr. 6