Partners of Success

AL-Sharhan Industries established a separate distribution entity specialized in the distribution of FMCG products, to distribute our own brands KWIK and LULU. Our distribution platform was developed to further grow and add more brands to our portfolio... in 2010 we introduced ACDelco Alkaline and heavy duty batteries and immediately gained a reasonable market share in such high competitive industry.

Today, we have become a prominent supplier to:

  • Key accounts and private supermarkets
  • Cooperative societies
  • Coop branches
  • B & C class retail
  • Groceries
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Electronic retail
  • Cleaning companies
  • Home centre retail
  • Spare parts retail

Our well-structured sales team from sales & marketing managers, supervisors, modern trade sales force, traditional trade sales force, merchandisers, and promoters are our essential assets and strength in the Kuwait market and represent the backbone of the business.

Our logistics infrastructure were developed to serve the entire market sectors at any point of time thanks to our large fleet of delivery trucks and 10,000 m2 warehousing areas to serve the market 24/7 regardless of order quantity.

AL-Sharhan industries offer the trade flexible credit facilities based on customer financial criteria, which enables our products to be favourable across the entire trade channels

Our business values and strength:

  • Transparency
  • Brand building
  • Merchandising
  • In store marketing
  • Relationship with trade

We invite any brand that is looking for FMCG distributor in Kuwait and targeting to achieve wide distribution to review our profile and become part of our success.