Chairman's Message

With more than 45 years of outstanding performance as a contract manufacturer, Al Sharhan Industries has proven itself to be one of the best private label developers of aerosol and liquid products in the MENA region. We have earned our reputation for excellence by valuing our customers, by paying close attention to their needs, and by consistently delivering high quality products, on time, every time.

Today, Al Sharhan Industries is proud to serve household-name customers all over the world. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding their expectations by delivering the industry’s best products and highest level of service. This commitment has placed us firmly at the forefront of the contract-manufacturing sector.

All our products are 100% ozone-friendly and we comply with the most rigorous environmental standards, sharing our customers’ determination to protect the planet for generations to come. Our ISO 9001 2008 certification speaks volumes about our quality management systems, which cover all aspects of our operation, including the development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of aerosols and detergent products.

We are grateful to our customers for the belief they place in us, and for the relationships forged between us over the years. We truly value these relationships and work hard to ensure continuing satisfaction with our products and services.

Above all else, it is our rich Middle East heritage that leads us to pay such close attention to customer service and excellent product standards. We are inspired by the best of two worlds, bringing together Middle Eastern tradition and culture with advanced knowledge and expertise adopted from the West.

In Al Sharhan Industries, East truly meets West - and today we are proud to be leading the way.