This traditional product range is popular in the Gulf region, with five oriental fragrances (Oud, Oud & Musk, Oriental, Rose, Mix) and handy packaging, our Rashoosh will become vital member in your air care selection, Ideal to use on cloths, carpet, curtains, and furniture.

  • Golden Oud

    Hala Roshoush Golden Oud

    Barcode 6271004964276
    Code 96427
    Description Hala Roshoush Golden Oud
    Size 195ml
    Packing 195ml x12
    Vanilla Rose

    Hala Roshoush Vanilla Rose

    Barcode 6271004964221
    Code 96422
    Description Hala Roshoush Vanilla Rose
    Size 195ml
    Packing 195ml x12
    Taifi Rose

    Hala Roshoush Taifi Rose

    Barcode 6271004964245
    Code 96424
    Description Hala Roshoush Taifi Rose
    Size 250ml
    Packing 250ml x12
  • Rose

    Hala Roshoush Rose

    Barcode 6271004964252
    Code 96425
    Description Hala Roshoush Rose
    Size 195ml
    Packing 195ml x12

    Hala Roshoush Orchid

    Barcode 6271004964238
    Code 96423
    Description Hala Roshoush Orchid
    Size 195ml
    Packing 195ml x12

    Hala Roshoush Jasmine

    Barcode 6271004964269
    Code 96426
    Description Hala Roshoush Jasmine
    Size 195ml
    Packing 195ml x12