Aerosol plant

Al Sharhan operates two major filling lines giving a total production capacity of 30 million cans per year. This efficient and flexible facility can handle 35, 45, 52, 57 and 65 mm tinplate and aluminium can formats and fill volumes between 70 and 600 ml; the primary line is equipped with fully automatic filling, weight checking, test bath leak checking, actuator placing, capping and shrink wrapping. Our secondary filling line gives us great flexibility and allows us to handle short runs for both tin plate and aluminium cans.

We have an LPG propellant storage capacity of 70,000 litres, capable of purifying LPG if necessary through an in-line molecular sieve bed. This high grade LPG is sourced from a nearby depot capable of supplying any quantity, whenever demanded. The propellant filling system is also equipped with CO2 injection equipment. High-grade liquid CO2 is readily available form a nearby gas production plant. Our propellant filling facilities can be easily converted to accommodate compressed gas, DME, and HFC filling.

The plant is protected by an automatic flammable vapour detection, alarm and shutdown system, and is designed and operated in full compliance with the latest international safety standards.

Production Capabilities

Aerosol packs are produced in a range of sizes from 70ml to 600ml; 35mm to 65mm diameter. Other sizes can also be accommodated.


Products can be supplied in shipping cartons, stacked on standard pallets, and stretched wrapped.

Production Capacity

Al Sharhan operates one fully automatic line and one semi-automatic line, allowing us to respond very quickly to customer requirements.

Safety Features

An automatic fire fighting system protects the plant; totally separate areas are reserved for gas filling and are protected with the latest gas detection technology.

Special Features

Our plant can also fill water or solvent based products. Al Sharhan can also handle very precise formulae, for example can-filling with ingredients less then 1gm using a high-precision micro-dowser.

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